Vegetarian Recipes Directory

Although you can buy vegetarian food off the shelf, it is always much better to cook your own vegetarian food. At KnowingFood, we prefer the kind of vegetarian food that is cooked from real vegetables we buy from the local market, and not those factory-made vegetarian food that are packed with additives. How else will non-meat food taste and feel like meat, if not with the help of chemical? How often can you really tell what you are eating from that pre-packed vegetarian food?

The next time you feel like cooking some real vegetarian food, check out our vegetarian recipes. From savoury dishes to sweet desserts, being a vegetarian is never a boring thing.

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Savoury Dishes

  1. Adzuki and Mung Bean Porridge with Lily Bulbs
  2. Adzuki and Mung Bean Stew
  3. Adzuki Bean Savoury Pie NEW!
  4. Adzuki Multi Grain Mix Stew
  5. Adzuki Savoury Porridge Japanese Style
  6. Aromatic Boiled Rice
  7. Artichoke and Mixed Vege Spaghetti
  8. Authentic Chinese Boiled Rice
  9. Broccoli and Cheese Sandwich
  10. Carrot & Yam Rice Cake (Vegetarian Friendly)
  11. Carrot Squash and Parsnip Soup
  12. Chinese New Year Vegetarian Meal
  13. Chinese Rice Porridge with Tapioca Seed
  14. Cream Sauce Soya Mince Penne
  15. Croutons - Simple Homemade Recipe
  16. Deep Fried Tofu with Spicy Sauce
  17. Free-From Mild Vegetable Curry
  18. Golden Sauteed Croutons - Simple Homemade Recipe
  19. Healthy Tricolour Rice
  20. Herb and Onion Boiled Rice
  21. Homemade Soya Mince from Okara
  22. Homemade Tofu
  23. Malaysian Coconut Milk Boiled Rice
  24. Malaysian Tomato Rice
  25. Marinated Artichoke (Alcohol Free)
  26. Mushroom Stroganoff
  27. Organic Tomato Soup for Two
  28. Organic Vegetable Stock
  29. Pasta with Creamy Spinach Sauce
  30. Pumpkin and Carrot Soup NEW!
  31. Quick Fix Roasted Mixed Vegetable
  32. Roasted Tofu in Barbecue Sauce
  33. Soya Mince Stir Fry With Brussel Sprout
  34. Steamed Rice Cake Vegetarian Friendly
  35. Tempeh
  36. Tofu Mushroom Creamy Soup
  37. Tofu Mushroom Stew
  38. Tomato and Basil Cheese on Toast
  39. Traditional Basic Egg Fried Rice
  40. Turmeric Glutinous Rice (Nasi Kunyit/Pulut Kuning)
  41. Vegetable Pasta Bake
  42. Vegetarian Stuffed Tofu
  43. You Tiao - Chinese Fried Breadstick

Sweet Dishes

  1. Adzuki Bean & Coconut Milk Pudding
  2. Adzuki Bean & Pearl Barley Soup Reduce Water Retention
  3. Adzuki Bean & Purple Rice Detox Soup
  4. Adzuki and Kidney Bean Cake
  5. Adzuki, Barley and Purple Rice Porridge
  6. Adzuki Bean Agar-Agar with Coconut Milk
  7. Adzuki Bean Banana Fritters
  8. Adzuki Bean Bun
  9. Adzuki Bean Ice Cream
  10. Adzuki Bean Paste/Porridge/Soup
  11. Adzuki Bean Muffins NEW!
  12. Adzuki Bean Tropical Ice Smoothie
  13. Adzuki Bean Vodka Smoothie
  14. Adzuki December 8 Porridge La-Ba Zhou
  15. Adzuki Porridge with Lily and Lotus Seeds
  16. Chinese Fortune Cup Cake (Fa Gao)
  17. Chinese New Year Sticky Rice Cake (Nian Gao)
  18. Chocolate and Coconut Milk Agar Agar
  19. Chocolate Coated Pumpkin Seed Flapjack
  20. Coconut Coated Steamed Nian Gao
  21. Coconut Jam (Kaya) NEW!
  22. Creamy Coconut Milk Agar-Agar
  23. Cooling Chinese Dessert with Soya Films
  24. Fried Nian Gao in Batter
  25. Iced Cold Adzuki Bean Popsicle
  26. Ice Flaked Adzuki Bean
  27. Homemade Fresh Cherry Pies NEW!
  28. Homemade Soya Milk
  29. Homemade Soya Pudding - Doufu-Hua
  30. Low Sugar Bread and Butter Pudding
  31. Low Cholesterol English Pancake with Egg White NEW!
  32. Moon Cake with Adzuki Bean
  33. Moon Cake with Mixed Fruit
  34. Moon Cake with Snow Skin Pastry (Bing Pi)
  35. Palm Sugar Tang Yuan in Syrup
  36. Pear Upsidedown Cake Low Sugar
  37. Rice ChocoSpice Cake
  38. Rosy Adzuki Sweet Mocktail
  39. Southeast Asian Tapioca Cookies (Kuih Bangkit)
  40. Southeast Asian Tapioca Pudding 1
  41. Southeast Asian Tapioca Pudding 2
  42. Sweet Potato Fortune Cup Cake (fan shu fa gao)
  43. Sweet Potato Pancake Low Sugar
  44. Tang Yuan with Ground Peanut in Ginger Syrup
  45. Tapioca Seed Dessert (Sago Gula Melaka)
  46. Tofu Sesame Cookies
  47. Vegetarian Adzuki Bean Rice Cake
  48. Yam Paste Dessert with Ginkgo Nuts


  1. Bread Crumbs - Simple Homemade Recipe
  2. Cranberry Sauce Salad Dressing from Leftovers NEW!
  3. Make Your Own Cherry Pie Filling

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