Tapioca Recipes/Cassava Root Recipes

Tapioca seed and tapioca flour are the processed forms of Cassava Root. Cassava root belongs to what we called the root and tuber crops family (Ref: www.uga.edu). It is also called manioc or yucca in some languages.

The most important part of preparing the root is boiling it to get rid of the cyanide-based toxin in the root. But once boiled, the toxin will be gone and the root is safe to be eaten. The boiling time varies depending on how thick it is cut into.

To test if it is cooked, poke a knitting needle, or even a toothpick, through the root. If it pokes through easily, it means that the cooking is done. You can also use a knife to try cutting it through; if it cuts easily, it is done. Once cooked, the colour will be in creamy, pastel yellow. You will also be able to see some slight fibre appearing in the flesh.

There is some white discharge from the root whilst peeling, and it will cause itching if left on skin for too long. But once boiled, all these will no longer be harmful. When peeling and cutting the root, place the cut bits into a pot filled with water. It will prevent the root from being oxidised and getting sticky with the discharge.

We do use a lot of tapioca in our cooking, especially as thickening agent, in baking as well as sauce making. It is also very widely used in making desserts and puddings. In Asian culture, cassava root is often consumed fresh, either boiled in chunks to be eaten with sugar, or made into all sorts of steamed cakes and puddings. Tapioca seed is also a common ingredient.

What we have here, are some popular tapioca and cassava root recipes, particularly in Southeast Asia. Just a tip: when you want to buy tapioca or cassava root in most Asian countries, you may find that they often term the root as tapioca too. So if they do not know what cassava root is (in English that is), try mentioning tapioca.

  1. Adzuki Bean Paste/Porridge/Soup with Tapioca Seed
  2. Cassava Stir Fry in Spices
  3. Cassava / Tapioca Cake Low Sugar NEW!
  4. Mandarin Orange Tapioca Jell-O Dessert
  5. Southeast Asian Tapioca Cookies (Kuih Bangkit)
  6. Southeast Asian Tapioca Pudding 1
  7. Southeast Asian Tapioca Pudding 2
  8. Steamed Tapioca (Sago) Pudding
  9. Tapioca Seed Dessert (Sago Gula Melaka)

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