Tofu Sesame Cookies

When Chinese New Year is approaching, the Chinese will be busy baking or buying lots of festive cookies. This is one of the many memorable cookies my mum used to make for the Chinese New Year celebration. It started off as an adventurous experiment, because we had never used tofu for cookies before. Despite our skepticism, it turned out to be really delicious.


  • 2 cubes of tofu, approximately 300g
  • 250g vegetable spread, melted
  • 300g wholemeal flour
  • 2 egg yolk
  • 100g brown sugar
  • 50g hulled sesame seed


  1. Rinse and mash tofu.
  2. Mix brown sugar and melted vegetable spread in a mixing bowl, beat till smooth.
  3. Sift flour gradually into sugar-spread mix, followed by mashed tofu, then egg yolk. Mix well.
  4. Shape as desired, rolled it over sesame seed in a flat dish.
  5. Deep fry till golden brown.

Versatility Note:

  1. It can be in any shape - square, rectangular, or spere. We used to make it into the shape of braided strings.
  2. Vegetable spread can be replaced by butter if you wish.