Cooling Chinese Dessert with Soya Films

Submitted by Sugardevil

This Fu Zhu Tang Shui is a fave dessert that my mum cooks up. It is fast and easy to make - simply put everything into the pot and boil!

It is more like a sweet soup with "cooling" properties for the "heated" body. Excellent to drink when chilled in a hot afternoon. It has a sweet taste with a touch of soya fragrance / aroma to it. (Ed: Although you will be able to buy Fu Zhu Tang Shui off many Chinese restaurants or dessert specialty shops, it is always best to cook your own.)


  • A few slices of Soya Skin/film (Foo Chook/Fu Zhu)
  • Eggs (usually 1 per person)
  • Sugar to taste


  1. Put soya skin in about 2 glasses of water and boil.
  2. Once boiling, crack an egg into it. Add sugar to your liking.
  3. Best served chilled, but also delicious when served hot.

Versatility Note:

  1. Some thing you can add to this recipe to enrich the taste either in combination or individually: barley, gingko nut, fresh soya bean. Just boil them till soft.
  2. A good compliment to serving is with Yaw-Char-Kway. Either in whole, or cut in slices.
  3. I prefer it a bit creamy. So I pour a bit of fresh milk to give it added colour, instead of just "clear soup". Enjoy!