Five Fruit Glutinous Rice Sweet Paste

The Five Fruit Glutinous Rice Sweet Paste is one of Chinese' soupy/pasty dessert, from Chao Zhou State in China.

Just like other Chinese desserts, this one is full of grain and fibre goodness.


  • 150g glutinous rice, rinsed
  • 50g dried longan flesh, rinsed
  • 50g ginkgo nut flesh
  • 50g lotus seed, rinsed and soaked for 1 hour
  • 50g pearl barley grain, rinsed and soaked for 1 hour
  • 50g shelled mung bean, rinsed and soaked for 2 hour
  • 200g rock sugar
  • 1 litre water


  1. Strain the soaked lotus seed and pearl barley grain, place them in a pot and boil it with water enough to cover the content. Once it’s boiled, simmer for about 30 minutes on low heat.
  2. Add in dried longan flesh, simmer on low heat till content is pasty. Set aside.
  3. Strain the mung bean, steam it in a steamer till it is all cooked. Set aside.
  4. Place the glutinous rice and ginkgo nut flesh in another pot filled with water, and bring to a boil on high heat.
  5. Bring the heat down to medium, simmer till the glutinous rice is all soft and broken down. Add in the cooked lotus seed, barley grain and longan flesh mixture, followed by the cooked mung bean.
  6. 6. Bring it to a boil again on medium heat, stirring constantly. Add in rock sugar and keep simmering till all sugar is dissolved.
  7. Serve hot for two.

Versatility Note:

  1. You can add on or reduce a little rock sugar, to suit your own taste.
  2. Any remainder can be stored in the refridgerator for up to 1 day. You can then reheat it in a steamer, or have it as a cold dessert.