The Romantic Bean - Unique Valentine's Gift

The ancient Chinese often relate Red Bean to romance and love legends. There are stories and poems using the bean as a theme. We have collected two very famous poems from China, so you can know more about the bean. The bean that has been used as the love emblem should be Jequirity Bean (Xiang-si Dou), instead of Adzuki bean. It has a much shinier and fresh red surface, and is flatter with a more significant edge around the side.

The Jequirity Bean is not meant to be used for food, but a love token. The next time you want to buy a special Valentine's gift, think about how the bean can be a unique way of expressing your love... We have finally uploaded a picture here that you can take a look at. Pardon us for the slightly out of focus.

Red Bean Recital (Hong-Dou Chi)

This is a recital found in a classic novel "The Dream of the Red Mansion" (Hong-lou-Meng). It is a heart-breaking piece recited by the hero Pao-Yu when he was separated from the woman of his life, Dai-Yu.

Endless tears in my eyes,
I toss the love beans as I yearn for you;
Filling the gallery,
spring blossoms and willow bloom perpetually.
Sleepless stormy twilights, through the window I stare;
Unforgettable sorrow, the past and the present.
Delightful cuisines, I desire not;
Looking in the mirror, I see my gaunt reflection.
Those frowning brows, feeling the pain of missing you;
In these endless nights, my world stops turning.
Oh! You are on my mind,
as inexorable as the vague distant mounts;
As unstoppable, as the ever-flowing streams.

As this was written in the Old Chinese, the English text has been translated by us, to the closest meaning we could. You may find other versions of translations done by other writers, which you can compare and contrast.

Red Bean (Xiang Si)

The 'Red Bean' was written by the well known Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei (Wang being the surname), and was an inspiring tribute to the bean. Here is a translation done by W. J Fletcher, which we thought the word 'remembrance', may not be the best word to be used to describe the feeling. The main denotation of the bean (which is what Xiang-shi meant) is based on the feeling one has when separated from his or her loved one; and when you are desperately missing someone you love.

The red bean grows in southern lands,
With spring its slender tendrils twine,
Gather for me some more, I pray,
Of fond remembrance 'tis the sign.

(Translated by W. J. Fletcher, 1918)