Adzuki Bean Recipes

When you buy adzuki bean from your local health food store, have you thought about how else you can cook the bean, other than just making a stew with rice? If you are not an Asian, the bean may be totally new to you. But that's why we are here to provide you with all sorts of traditional ways of cooking adzuki bean in Asia.

The chinese believe that adzuki bean can strengthen the heart and aid blood circulation, fatigue, as well as easing the bladder. It also helps keep the digestive system healthy. Amongst the many goodness of adzuki bean, it is packed with iron and that made it a perfect source for women's general health. The chinese also believe that it helps replenishing new blood cells as well as helping the women get through menstruations. That is partly why it gives us the rosy cheek healthy glow.

In Japan, when a girl reaches her puberty, adzuki bean will be cooked with rice as a traditional sign of blessing for the girl. This also partly owes to its benefit of easing the menstrual pain as well as its nourishing nature. The bean is also good for lactating as it would increase the amount of milk. Due to its affect on the bladder, those who have a weak bladder should control the amount of Adzuki Bean consumption.

What we have here are several recipes that would take you to tasting adzuki bean to the max. Most of them are sweet dishes such as desserts and drinks, whilst some of them are savoury. We will keep uploading new recipes from time to time, as frequent as possible.

Adzuki Bean Desserts

  1. Adzuki, Barley and Purple Rice Porridge
  2. Adzuki Bean Agar-Agar with Coconut Milk
  3. Adzuki Bean Banana Fritters
  4. Adzuki Bean Bun
  5. Adzuki Bean & Coconut Milk Pudding
  6. Adzuki Bean Filled Wholemeal Bread
  7. Adzuki Bean and Honeysuckle Flower Soup
  8. Adzuki Bean Ice Cream
  9. Adzuki and Kidney Bean Cake
  10. Adzuki Bean Muffins NEW!
  11. Adzuki Bean Paste/Porridge/Soup with Tapioca Seed
  12. Adzuki Bean Paste Rice Dumpling (Dou Sa Zong)
  13. Adzuki Bean & Pearl Barley Soup Reduce Water Retention
  14. Adzuki Bean & Purple Rice Detox Soup
  15. Adzuki Bean Sweet Pie
  16. Adzuki Bean Tropical Ice Smoothie
  17. Adzuki Bean Vodka Smoothie
  18. Adzuki December 8 Porridge La-Ba Zhou
  19. Adzuki Porridge with Lily and Lotus Seeds
  20. Creamy Adzuki and Purple Rice Porridge
  21. Dairy-Free Organic Adzuki Bean Cake
  22. Iced Cold Adzuki Bean Popsicle
  23. Ice Flaked Adzuki Bean
  24. Japanese Style Adzuki Bean Jelly
  25. Moon Cake with Adzuki Bean
  26. Rosy Adzuki Sweet Mocktail
  27. Moon Cake with Snow Skin Pastry (Bing Pi)
  28. Vegetarian Adzuki Bean Rice Cake

Adzuki Bean Savoury Dishes

  1. Adzuki and Lentil Detox Soup
  2. Adzuki and Mung Bean Porridge with Lily Bulbs
  3. Adzuki and Mung Bean Stew
  4. Adzuki Bean Savoury Pie NEW!
  5. Adzuki Multi Grain Mix Stew
  6. Adzuki Savoury Porridge Japanese Style
  7. Healthy Tricolour Rice

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