The Wondrous Bean

The next time you want to buy some adzuki bean and have no idea what to do with it, we'll tell you how to make it into delicious meals.

Aduki bean - more accurately known as Adzuki Bean or Azuki Bean in Japanese - is a very common food amongst the orients (Chinese, Japanese and Korean). It is simply known as Red Bean (Hong-dou) in Chinese, owing to its deep red colour, and there are not many other beans in China with the same distinctive colour (although it sometimes shares the name with the 'Romantic Bean', which is inedible). It has always been prepared as a dessert rather than a savoury meal, and has never really been portrayed as a health food or anything that does wonders, until recently - outside Asia.

It is widely grown and consumed in China and Korea, and was brought into other Asian countries by their migrants. (For nutrition information see our Nutrition page)

We grew up having adzuki bean soup as our Sunday afternoon tea dessert, for over 20 years. You will be amazed how many different desserts you can make from the bean. Most of them are traditionally inherited through generations; some are created or modified when Adzuki Bean was made popular in other Asian countries (Malaysia, Singapore, etc). Some have even gained market shares in the Asian food industry.

Losing weight with Adzuki Bean - Truth or Myth?

If you ask any Chinese or Japanese person this question, you may not get an answer. It's been in our systems since the day they were weaned, so we may not realise that it has such a benefit. We just love our adzuki bean soup as it is.

Eating adzuki bean on a regular basis is believed to improve blood circulation, boost the immune system, reduce water retention, as well as detoxify. Detox is a process where the toxin in the body gets flushed out with the help of high fiber food intake, which leads to a cleansing effect. This will then promote the generation of new cells, which encourage metabolism. All these, are in fact, inter-related. Therefore, although adzuki bean may not help you lose 10kg overnight, regular intake of adzuki bean with a balanced in the long run diet will certainly show you some results.

Adzuki bean should not be consumed as a supplement but freshly cooked. Also bear in mind that, some processed food manufacturers may see adzuki bean as a money making ingredient, and start marketing all sorts of snacks and highly processed food carrying the "adzuki bean" title. That is not going to do you any good because any adzuki bean goodness will be countered by the amount of sugar and additive contained in the end product.

We believe that as long as you cook your own food with natural ingredients, and consume a balanced diet in moderate amount, you are doing something good to your body. So yes, adzuki bean will definitely help you lose weight but over time. It will only happen if you cook it with the right ingredients and moderate amount of sugar or salt, consume the right amount regularly without having an overdose. Once or twice a week is a good start but it shall not be a round-the-clock meal. Have a good mix with other types of high fibre food will speed up the weight loss process.

So go ahead and add adzuki bean and barley soup and adzuki bean and honeysuckle soup into your regular diet, and don't forget to share your experience and new recipes with us!