Leftovers Recipes - Love Food Hate Waste

Leftovers don't have to be thrown away, but can often be made into some other delicious dishes. Even the famous egg fried rice is fried with leftover rice. Let's pay a little more attention to our leftovers.

  1. Bread Butter Pudding from Leftover Bread
  2. Bread Crumbs - Simple Homemade Recipe
  3. Chinese Rice Porridge with Dried Salted Duck NEW!
  4. Cod and Egg Fried Rice
  5. Cranberry Sauce Salad Dressing from Leftovers
  6. Croutons from Leftover Bread
  7. Glutinous Rice with Chinese Smoked Meat
  8. Golden Sauteed Croutons
  9. Leftover Turkey Pie
  10. Low Cholesterol English Pancake with Leftover Eggwhite
  11. Simple Basic Chicken Stock
  12. Traditional Basic Egg Fried Rice

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