Food Knowledge Shared By Our Generous Users

We've been really lucky that some of you have been very kind to share with us your valuable knowledge on food, and we would love to share them with everyone who visits us.

American Horseradish

Tastes just like Japanese wasabi and is a very pungent, hot, spicy white radish paste ground from the horseradish root, marketed as a condiment. In America we eat roast beef with a little bit of horseradish on the side.

Shared by Lily Lee


French version of a very thin pancake made from flour,milk, eggs and salt. You beat up the batter to make it light. The batter is rather thin, you pour a ladle full onto a heated oiled pan and make an 8-10 inch pancake each time. The crepes are then cooled off and used as wrappers for savoury or sweet fillings. The crepes are very similar to the Malay kueh that is made of thin green pancake wrappers filled with coconut and brown sugar on the inside.

Shared by Lily Lee

English muffin American Version

A type of breakfast bread, the American version of something similar to the British version of crumpets. The Enghlish muffin is about 4 inches in width, about 1 inch thickness, has rather bigh air holes so that the bread texture is rather coarse than fine. You cut the muffin into 2 halves and then toast them in the toaster, spread butter and jam over the toasted sides, eat that with your breakfast eggs, ham or sausage.

Shared by Lily Lee

Saltine crackers

American terminology for soda crackers.

Shared by Lily Lee

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