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When it comes to dessert, people generally think of it as full of sugar and really unhealthy. It is very true, if you were to buy the factory-packed desserts off the shelf. Just imagine how much preservative a custard tart contains if it can be kept for up to a few months - sometimes even longer! Plus, sugar also in a way acts as a natural preservative; which may lead to even more sugar packed in these products.

Some people opt for sugar replacement, which they are not sure of the ingredients. But doing extreme alteration to your diet and cutting off a natural food source is simply not the answer, let alone taking something else which has probably been chemically processed to taste like sugar.

The key is moderation. Here on, we do not believe in cutting any form of natural food out of our lives. Unless of course in this case, if you are diabetic. Making your own dessert means you can control the amount of sugar used. In most cases, sugar is only used for providing sweetness rather than some main ingredients that would affect the texture or cooking result. So, gradually reducing sugar to just enough for your taste, would help keep a balance in your blood sugar level.

If you have been fed on extremely sweet diet for a long time, your tastebuds will become less and less sensitive to sweetness. As a result, you will need even sweeter food to satisfy your sense for sweet taste. Do a little experiment by eating something very sweet, for example a marzipan covered cake; then followed by a sweet drink immediately. See if you can taste the sweetness in the latter.

So have you got a sweet tooth? Pick from our list of healthy desserts and have more control of your life. You will be able to enjoy your dessert without the unnecessary ingredients or additives.

  1. Adzuki, Barley and Purple Rice Porridge
  2. Adzuki Bean Agar-Agar with Coconut Milk
  3. Adzuki Bean Bun
  4. Adzuki Bean & Coconut Milk Pudding
  5. Adzuki Bean Paste/Porridge/Soup with Tapioca Seed
  6. Adzuki Bean Paste Rice Dumpling (Dou Sa Zong)
  7. Adzuki Bean & Pearl Barley Soup Reduce Water Retention
  8. Adzuki Bean & Purple Rice Detox Soup
  9. Adzuki Bean Banana Fritters
  10. Adzuki and Kidney Bean Cake
  11. Adzuki December 8 Porridge La-Ba Zhou
  12. Adzuki Bean Ice Cream
  13. Adzuki Bean Muffins
  14. Adzuki Bean Sweet Pie
  15. Adzuki Bean Tropical Ice Smoothie
  16. Adzuki Bean Vodka Smoothie
  17. Adzuki Porridge with Lily and Lotus Seeds
  18. Bubur Cha-cha Nyonya Dessert NEW!
  19. Cassava / Tapioca Cake Low Sugar
  20. Chinese Almond Cookies
  21. Chinese Fortune Cup Cake (Fa Gao)
  22. Chinese New Year Sticky Rice Cake (Nian Gao)
  23. Chocolate and Coconut Milk Agar-Agar
  24. Chocolate Coated Pumpkin Seed Flapjack
  25. Christmas Mince Pies
  26. Coconut Coated Steamed Nian Gao
  27. Creamy Adzuki and Purple Rice Porridge
  28. Creamy Coconut Milk Agar-Agar
  29. Cooling Chinese Dessert with Soya Films
  30. Dairy-Free Organic Adzuki Bean Cake
  31. Eggless Vanilla Custard Sauce Low Cholesterol
  32. Five Fruit Glutinous Rice Sweet Paste
  33. Fried Custard Square (Leche Frita)
  34. Fried Nian Gao in Batter
  35. Homemade Fresh Cherry Pies
  36. Homemade Soya Milk
  37. Homemade Soya Pudding - Doufu-Hua
  38. Iced Cold Adzuki Bean Popsicle
  39. Ice Flaked Adzuki Bean
  40. Japanese Style Adzuki Bean Jelly
  41. Low Cholesterol English Pancake with Egg White
  42. Low Sugar Bread and Butter Pudding
  43. Mandarin Orange Tapioca Jell-O Dessert
  44. Milo Agar-Agar
  45. Moon Cake with Adzuki Bean
  46. Moon Cake with Lotus Seed Paste
  47. Moon Cake with Mixed Fruit
  48. Moon Cake with Snow Skin Pastry (Bing Pi)
  49. Palm Sugar Tang Yuan in Syrup
  50. Pear Upsidedown Cake Low Sugar NEW!
  51. Rice ChocoSpice Cake
  52. Rosy Adzuki Sweet Mocktail
  53. Sesame Tang Yuan
  54. Shortcrust Pastry for Dummies NEW!
  55. Southeast Asian Tapioca Cookies (Kuih Bangkit)
  56. Southeast Asian Tapioca Cake
  57. Southeast Asian Tapioca Pudding
  58. Steamed Tapioca (Sago) Pudding
  59. Sweet Corn Custard Pudding Low Sugar
  60. Sweet Potato Fortune Cup Cake (fan shu fa gao)
  61. Sweet Potato Pancake Low Sugar NEW!
  62. Tang Yuan with Ground Peanut in Ginger Syrup
  63. Tapioca Seed Dessert (Sago Gula Melaka)
  64. Tofu Sesame Cookies
  65. Yam Paste Dessert with Ginkgo Nuts

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