To Our Fellow Food Lovers

We do not claim that we know everything about food, nor are we here to give medical advice; but there are quite a few facts that you may not already know. For example: when adzuki bean was introduced on some TV programmes in the UK and became a household name, the information on its preparation was close to none. Even the name Adzuki was mis-spelled as Aduki. There are also not many varieties in Mung Bean cooking, as well as sprouting information.

Apart from being a snack or coated in chocolate, many nuts are main ingredients in Chinese and Indian cooking. Whilst you are told that some seeds are rich in essential fatty acids that give you healthy heart, they have been the most popular snack in the cinemas in most Asian countries for many decades.

We come from an environment where these food (beans, nuts, etc) are our main diet. So everything we know is inherited from our mothers and grandmothers. Looking at how some of these food are not being treated the way they could have been, we thought it is time to tell the world what we know, and do the lovely food a justice.

We now have individual sections on adzuki bean, soya bean, tapioca and cassava root, and our staple diet, rice. We will try to fit in as many recipes as possible, as well as nutrition information, food as skincare, and domestic tips. You will also find some interesting facts and related stories about these food. We are also planning to launch more phases on Mung Beans, nuts, seeds, etc, in the near future.

Most of the recipes featured here are simple, flexible and do not require complicated calculation to the decimal point. To us, cooking is not a chore, but an enjoyment that leads to delicious dishes. Why stick to sugar when you prefer the sweetness of honey? 5ml or even 10ml less of water is not going to ruin your cooking, so there is no reason why we should stress over cooking. You will find a lot of alternative suggestions that make food preparation flexible and achievable. If we can do it, anyone can. No need for a domestic goddess.

The ingredients we use are pretty common and can be found easily. You can also find what some ingredients are called in some Asian languages. However, should you have problems looking for anything in particular, feel free to contact us.

Anyway, some of you may even know more than us, or have created some new varieties; you are more than welcome to contribute. We also appreciate anyone who would spot a mistake (we are only human...) or have good suggestions in improving the site. So keep your two cents coming. Having said that, neither would we mind a pat on the shoulder if you find this site useful, or simply like the look of it.

Most importantly, this is a project about sharing knowledge, and our love for food. We will update the site on a regular basis so keep visiting us. Hope to see you again in the future phases.

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